FIFA 17 Tutorial - Shooting Tips of Low Driven Shot

  • purchase fifa coins Today, we will share a tutorial of low driven shot with you. This tutorial covers the best tips on the overpowered shooting skills. You can have a look at the following video and learn all of the tricks to score more goal on the field.
    To perform this technique, you just need to double tap the shoot button and power up the gauge to the bar at the same time, and then tap the shoot button twice. When you get an angle and try to go for the opposite corner that is covered by the keeper. In this way, you will score more often than not.
    Low driven finesse shot can be called as the best shot in FIFA 17. Although it is very hard to master it, but once you make it, you will be able to score more goals when you are against with the goalkeeper. Finesse shot is covered in the tutorial and you can repeat practicing the skill. 
    This skill can help you score long shots as well, but it is better to be used for close range efforts. You can choose players that have clinical finisher specialties to perform it, since these players will be experts when using this skill in the game. the cheapest fut coins